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Carriage House Art Studios – Intro

Fine art paintings by Garin Baker.

Selected works by New York Artist Garin Baker. Made available through Carriage House Art Studios.

“Archways” The Trestle Mural, Start to finish, 2007

Large Scale Public Mural Art Project created by Artist Garin Baker and a team of apprentice artists. This monumental Mural was painted in 2007 and located in the City Of Newburgh, NY. It was noted in several publications as the “largest single work of Public Art along the banks of the Hudson River from NYC to Albany”. The Mural’s condition has been compromised due to the faulty wall preparation work donated by the City of Newburgh, prior to painting the Mural. Tragically and sadly, it’s beyond repair. This video documents what this Mural looked like in pristine condition soon after its completion in the fall of 2007.
Enjoy! Sorry to say it won’t be there long.

Time Lapse Plain Air Painting Demo by Garin Baker

Time laps Plain Air Painting Demo by Artist Garin Baker, Recorded in early April 2010 along the banks of the Lower Hudson River at Plum Point in NY State.
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Studio & Projects

Intro to Carriage House Art Studios, 2010 (run time, 2 min.)
Fine Art Works by Garin Baker,2009 (run time, 4:30 min)
The Trestle Mural Project/Start to Finish 2007 (4:50 min)
Murals By Garin Baker, 2010 (2:28 min)

Selected Articles & News Clippings

American Artist Magazine “The Mural Is The Message” 2009 (pdf 4 pages)
Hudson Valey Magazine 2007 (pdf 1 page)
Hudson Valley Business Journal, 2008 (pdf 1 page)
Time Herold Record, Mural Dedication 2007 (pdf 1 page)